Pecking Order: Obama Cheerleader Eva Longoria Explains the Distinction Between Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans

Cubans = “Refugees”

Mexicans = “Occupied”

Puerto Ricans = “In flux”

“Latinos” a “monolithic” group, unless the “Latino” happens to be a republican/conservative, I guess…

History liberal Hollywood-style.

Yes, Eva, Obama gets all the credit for the drop in illegal aliens crossing the Mexican border into the USA. He’s screwed-up our economy so much that they choose to stay home.

On another note, how’s that ATF/AG Eric Holder DOJ “Fast and Furious” working out for your beloved Mexico? Another Obama success story.

HT: Breitbart

3 thoughts on “Pecking Order: Obama Cheerleader Eva Longoria Explains the Distinction Between Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans”

  1. Latina Obama campaign adviser, and world famous historian and intellectual, Eva Longoria explaining the difference between us (Cuban-Americans) and them, to wit, the Mexican people were occupied by the United States. How rich. How tolerant. Here’s a little reminder as to why Eva is totally full of shit. To paraphrase the President she’s campaigning for, we won.

  2. No comments from Mzz. Eva on how Cuba has bee “occupied” by oppressors, killers, and thugs for well-over 50 years brought there by a guy that wasn’t even Cuban himself.

    MIGHT just explain, in much crisper terms, exactly ‘why’ Cubans are “political refugees”.

  3. Of course she’s full of it, but she’s only playing by the rules and doing what’s expected of her. Even people with considerably more talent are afraid to defy PC orthodoxy, and they have reason to be, because there IS a price to pay. The lesser the talent, the greater the need to make damn sure you’re “correct.” This woman’s real political relevance is no more than that of Cristina Aguilera–or Betty White, for that matter. White just HAD to let America know she supports Obama’s re-election bid, as a public service, naturally. I mean, what would ordinary people ever do without celebrity guidance? I’m beyond sick of such delusions and presumptuousness. As for Eva, she seems to be on a Harry Belafonte track, the Chicano version. Frankly, she may be better off working on her personal relationship skills, which evidently are not stellar, not to mention getting a new job now that “Desperate Housewives” is over.

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