Alan Gross–Cuban Five deal…???


From Wolf Blitzer:

Publicly, there may be a diplomatic stalemate between Havana and Washington right now, but I suspect there may also be some movement behind the scenes. We shall see soon enough.

I suspect Blitzer is correct.

Alan Gross from last week:

I would say to Raul Castro that I think he’s trying to do some very courageous things….And I think he’s a very pragmatic individual who recognizes the need for private sector growth and development here. And he has said that he’s hoping that the – the – the growth of the private sector will offset those newly unemployed…And so I would say to President Castro that I think he’s – he’s – he’s – he’s courageous and I applaud his – his pragmatic approach to beginning to – to try to create a -a more positive business environment.

8 thoughts on “Alan Gross–Cuban Five deal…???”

  1. I don’t know there is a possibility of a deal, nothing surprises me with this administration, thought I suspect that the Obama campaign would not want to loose some of the Cuban-American vote he got last time.

    The Obama teams knows very well that Florida will be a very tight contest this time around.

    Now after the elections it will be a totally different game as I would not be surprised if a reelected Obama would move to normalize US relations with the Castro tyranny.

  2. And enough stupid (for a lack of a better word) Cuban-Americans (that should have known better) voted for Obama in 2008.

  3. These statements from Alan Gross should surprise no one. He denounced the U.S. government after being convicted in the hope of getting a lighter sentence. Since then, he’s been shamefully whining and sniveling. Other Cuban prisoners have received far longer sentences without groveling and begging for mercy. Let’s not forget these words after he is released and some people proclaim him as some sort of “hero.”

  4. Florida will be a tight contest indeed, FFC. But most Cubans who voted for him wont be bothered by any Gross-Cuban Five deal. On the other hand, Obama’s Jewish support has been slipping a bit. A Gross deal could help him with these.

  5. Noting surprises either with this administration. Its one of complete accommodation favorable to the tyranny. It’s astounding. We hold of the sticks that they want, yet do nothing. With our enormous sway and power, we could punish Cuba–withhold family remittances, travel-to-Cuba, isolate Cuba diplomatically, expel their representatives, cut-off trade, etc…—yet, we do nothing, but allow that deadbeat and ossified tyranny to get the upper hand.

    The Obama Administration is planning something and its not going to be beneficial to us. If its the trade-off with the so-called Cuban 5, it will be exactly what castro wanted and will be yet another victory for the regime.

  6. Despite Obama’s failure to do anything effective, which he COULD have done long ago, Gross has nothing but praise for him, at least publicly. If he’s simply saying shit he doesn’t mean hoping it will help him, I can forgive him, but if he means it, he fully deserves his president and I have no more sympathy for him. I’m afraid this could wind up being spun as ultimately the fault of “those people” who have “hijacked” US Cuba policy and fostered “hysteria.” Gross and his family are victims, but they need to focus on the only possible solution: Obama doing what needs to be done, and I don’t mean freeing convicted criminals accessories to murder. Trying to “work with” Castro, Inc. is beyond useless, and it only ever helps the dictatorship. The problem is, if you don’t have what it takes to do things right, and Obama clearly doesn’t, then you’re bound to try cutting corners and/or cheating to get the job done. Needless to say, Obama will do whatever suits his interests, justice be damned.

  7. Just be very clear about one thing: as long as it’s safe enough to screw us over, it will keep happening, not just because it suits those doing the screwing, but because they LIKE it. That applies to all the usual suspects. What we do about that is obviously up to us.

  8. Let’s hope the U.S. doesn’t give in to blackmail. Alan Gross is kind of naive, don’t you think? I mean if you listen to the CNN recording, you can see that he didn’t even figure out that he unwittingly had negotiated a bribe with the Customs agent to bring in the communications equipment.

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