Cuban Independence Day — The Star of Liberty


“Cuban Independence Day”

By: Miguel Sigler Amaya

This May 20, 2012, all Cubans are invited to a massive patriotic event for “Cuban Independence Day.”

In addition, we would like to cordially invite all non-Cubans who have a heartfelt desire to see liberty, democracy, and sovereignty for Cuba as well as true independence.

In commemoration of this important date, the “Star of Liberty” monument will be inaugurated.

This monument is in the form of a star due to their historical importance in saving human lives. Stars have guided sailors and fishermen lost at sea. A star guided the Three Kings from the east to pay homage to infant Jesus, the savior of this world. A star called the sun is the closest one to our planet and essential for all life.

Our suffering nation will soon be lit by a Star whose light will allow the myopic in this world to see that our sacrifice was not in vain and that the blood we have shed, our martyrs, and our political exiles deserve respect.

As Cubans we will all join hands and a strong embrace this May 20, which will be the last one in exile. All those present will be able to speak and express their patriotic sentiment regarding this important date.

All news media is invited to this patriotic event; newspaper, radio, and television. Moreover, this patriotic event will also serve to provide a clear and resounding response to Cardinal Jaime Ortega and Pope Benedict XVI for taking the side of the assailants and not the victims. For taking the side of the oppressors and not the oppressed. Moreover, it will be a response to all of those who have turned their backs on the Cuban people, an act that makes them accomplices of the Castro tyranny.

Place: 5735 SW, 4 sth. Miami FL. 33144

Time: 3:00 PM

Parking is the responsibility of the visitors. Entry and celebratory toast are completely free.

For more information (in Spanish) call 786-768-4428 or 786-443-9132