Candlelight vigil by dissidents in Cuba ends in violent arrest by Castro Political Police

Under the tyrannical rule of the Castro dictatorship, even candlelight vigils in Cuba are met with violence and brutality.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Video: Arrest of Various Activists After Candlelight Vigil. May 2nd 2012; Santa Clara Cuba

This video was taken on the night of May 2nd, 2012 in Santa Clara, Cuba, after the accustomed candlelight vigil which is held throughout the island for “the freedom, without exile, of all political prisoners“.  In this specific case, the vigil is being held in the city of Santa Clara at the home of Damaris Moya Portieles.  That night, as the vigil came to an end, the activists stepped outside to take photos of themselves and to record a message of solidarity with the political prisoners, but the civic activity was violently interrupted by police agents of the Cuban regime who rapidly detained all the participants.

Just moments after the arrest, Damaris Moya denounced that she was confined to a dungeon in a local police unit while State Security agents threatened to rape her 5 year old daughter (the entire testimony can be read here).  The main culprit for this threats was agent Eric Francis Aquino Yera, who also participated (and conducted) the arrest hours earlier.

Apparently, the Cuban oppressors think that their actions- physical aggressions and verbal threats included- will go unpunished and/or undocumented.  However, the fact that their are videos and audios of these events proves that the outcome will not be like that.

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