Sean Penn electrifies Cannes audience with a gazillion well-placed %$#@!’s


Cubazuela’s favorite actor gave an A-list Cannes audience a vodka-fueled sample of his deep critical thinking yesterday.  The event, bankrolled by fashionista Giorgio Armani, and sponsored by the activist group,  “Artists for Peace and Justice,” drew a glittering crowd of would-be ethicists and political scientists from the film industry.

According to  Britain’s top newspaper, The Daily Mail — which specializes in publishing photos of  young female celebrities,  their skimpy beachwear,  and wardrobe malfunctions  — some in this elite Cannes audience of acteurs,  auteurs, and poseurs “felt his spicey language gave the evening some electricity.”

Well.. .at least that is more than his heroes Fidel, Raul, and Hugo can provide for their subjects. Maybe he should provide them with a few tutorials.  Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison, eat your hearts out, and roll over in your graves.  Better yet, spin like turbines in a vodka-fueled Penn power plant.

If you love migraines and severe nausea, go here for a more thorough account, with celebrity photos.  No wardrobe malfunctions, though.   Sorry, guys.

2 thoughts on “Sean Penn electrifies Cannes audience with a gazillion well-placed %$#@!’s”

  1. Penn is a prick and a nasty-looking lout. The problem is he’s been taken WAY too seriously, even if only out of opportunism, and he takes himself even more seriously. Classic delusional celebrity asshole.

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