Indeed: Alan Gross case moving full-bore into Cuba-“Expert” mode

Che’s daughter high-fiving Hezbollah rockets aimed at Israel (on left: Cartoon in Cuba’s press 1983)
Che’s son and daughter amongst friends

Babalu called it out recently.

Now this from head of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington Ronald Harber, who seems to be reciting his talking points flawlessly:

“I do not believe that U.S. policy to Cuba can be held hostage by the Cuban community in Miami,” he said. “It’s American national interests that are at stake. They should be part of the conversation, I understand the intensity, although this intensity is more among the older generation, not the younger generation. Our government has to do what is in our interests.

“NICE,Mr Halder!..Very nice! You’ll get further instructions soon.”

5 thoughts on “Indeed: Alan Gross case moving full-bore into Cuba-“Expert” mode”

  1. Boy oh Boychik! This “so-called leader” sure doesn’t represent me! Yikes! C’mon! Jewish Community : WAKE UP!!!!

  2. So, I guess its in America’s national interest to unilaterally lift whatever is left of the embargo, capitulate totally without any concessions, abandon the dissidents, make relations and bail out the regime with loans that that deadbeat tyrant will never pay back!

    Sounds like a square deal! Those horrible and ungrateful “Miami Cubans!” Why do they continue to undermine so much the country that took them in! [chic]

    As “American citizens” Miami Cubans should not have the right to petition their adopted country for something that they hold dear to them, to lobby or participate in government! The hell with the flow of government and the constitution!

    Kick them all out like Oliphant suggests!

  3. The Jewish Republicans are growing as an organization in membership I am happy to report. Unhappily too many Jews are still foolishly, liberal.

  4. If Harber is not at least as critical of Obama’s negligent ineptitude in the Gross matter as he is of “those people,” he deserves no respect. But Harber wouldn’t touch Obama: Gross himself has nothing but praise for his president, for whose election he actively campaigned. It’s far safer, easier and infinitely more “correct” to bash those hysterical exiles. Everyone else does, including, of course, the Washington Post. Life is so simple when you just do the convenient and fashionable thing.

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