Washington Post still at it

The Washington Post’s Editorial Board got bent out of shape because not enough Castroite apparatchiks were recently issued U.S. visas. I call your attention to their choice of words regarding American legislators of Cuban heritage in an editorial yesterday:

….the absurd outcry from Cuban American politicians, including members of Congress, bent out of shape that a visa was granted to Mariela Castro, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and an advocate of gay and transgender rights. What are they so frightened of?

But the least laudatory term that can be found in the pages of the Washington Post for Al Sharpton is “flamboyant.” No record of any “absurdity” or “getting bent out of shape” by this fine figure of a politician.

The spirit of the famous Oliphant cartoon lives on….Also:

Our friend Cliff Kincaid of AIM and America’s Survival recently brought a fascinating item to my attention regarding the Washington Post: At memorial services for Wash. Post news editor Larry Stern, he heard Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee greet Cuban Interest Section First Sec. and DGI officer Teofilo Acosta by his first name. At these services DGI officer Acosta hailed Stern as “one of my best friends.” Cliff also cites an article where Acosta boasted of “having a number of U.S. Senators and Congressmen in his pocket.'”

Here I’ll turn over the floor to our friend Cliff…Cliff?…Cliff?….Ah!…there you are! Come on up, AMIGO! Folks let’s give a big hand to our friend Cliff Kincaid, a man who was on the front lines of exposing the liberal media for Accuracy in Media well, WELL before such things were cool:

“Thanks Humberto…thanks very much. And love that Che Guevara shirt!…Har…Har! never saw one quite like that one before! Har..Har!…Thank you all for coming. Great to be here….Now when Lawrence Stern, the national news editor of The Washington Post, passed away in 1979, Reed (Irvine, founder of Accuracy In Media) asked me to attend and observe his memorial service. I was astounded when a man identified as Teofilo Acosta was introduced and told the service: “I’m from Cuba. I am Marxist-Leninist. I am human. Larry Stern was my friend, one of my best friends. I loved him.” Acosta was publicly known as a First Secretary in the Cuban Interests Section that has been set up inside the Czech Embassy in Washington. In reality, he was a Cuban intelligence agent.”

More fascinating stuff from Cliff Kincaid here. (scroll down to The Post’s Cuba Connection for the Acosta incident but the entire AIM report is invaluable.)


4 thoughts on “Washington Post still at it”

  1. “President” Castro. Not dictator, which they know he is, and which they WOULD have called him if it had been Batista or Pinochet. Despicable hypocritical frauds.

  2. The amount of time and energy that the mainstream media dedicates to Cuban exiles is astounding, it’s mind boggling. Are we that important? Undoubtedly, they’re the regime’s closes allies. Every time that we move a finger, there’s an editorial or opinion piece in some major newspaper knocking us. Undoubtedly, they want to push us into some little

  3. I was cut off by mistake. Here’s the completion of that sentence from the previous post:

    Undoubtedly, they want to push us into some little corner, into a state of inertia.

  4. “What are they so frightened of?” Fear has nothing to do with it, and again, they know it, but they can’t resist the cheap dig. A pox on WaPo’s house, and from what I hear of their financial situation, that may be on its way.

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