Cuba: Elderly lady dies of cardiac arrest after vicious attack by Castro regime led mob

Roberto de Jesus Guerra Perez, a correspondent for the Cuban independent news agency Hablemos Press, is reporting the death of 64-year-old Sonia Monteja Tavares, who suffered a fatal heart attack after her home was violently attacked by a paramilitary mob organized and led by the State Security apparatus of the Castro dictatorship. Apparently, the stress and intense fear caused by this brutal “act of repudiation” against Monteja Tavares’ residence caused her to suffer a cardiac arrest that ultimately killed her.

The attack was organized by Cuban State Security and carried out by vicious mobs the Castro regime employs to brutalize and intimidate dissidents and peaceful human rights activists. The reason behind the attack on this home appears to be retaliation for a sign placed outside the residence calling for the release of Rogelio Tabio, a human rights activist and prisoner of conscience currently imprisoned by the Cuban government.

This is the second elderly woman in Cuba to die in the past week as a result of attacks by Cuban government mobs. On Saturday, May 19th, Antonia Rodriguez, the grandmother of human rights activist idania Yanez Contreras, died after suffering a stroke brought about by several acts of repudiation against her by Castro-led mobs.

Listen to the report at Hablalo sin Miedo.
Prisoner of conscience, Rogelio Tabio

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