Benecio del Toro on Cuba: Obtuse and obsequious

Since starring in a torturous four hour long movie displaying his incredibly moronic ignorance regarding Ché Guevara was apparently not enough, Puerto Rican actor Benecio del Toro wants to further showcase his obtuseness regarding Cuba and show the world how obsequious he is towards the Castro dictatorship.

Via the National Turk:

Benicio del Toro Criticizes U.S. Policy to Cuba

Puerto Rican actor and filmmaker Benicio del Toro criticized in Cannes U.S. policy against Cuba that prevents the country’s US citizens to travel freely to the Caribbean nation.

Benicio Del Toro is in Paris, where he attended the presentation of the film “Seven Days in Havana” a collection of equal number of short films, one of which was directed by him.

Traveling to Cuba is difficult as you have to ask special permission from the U.S. government, to pay a large sum of money and then wait several months to obtain the approval, he said.

That does not happen with any other Caribbean country said the actor, who won an Oscar for his role in the film “Traffic” and also the award for Best Actor at Cannes 2008 for his role in “Che, the Argentinian”.

Along with del Toro were two of the directors of “Seven Days in Havana”, Argentine Pablo Trapero and Spanish Julio Medem, who agreed to highlight the great assistance provided by cubans to shoot that film in the Caribbean country.

Medem said the film is about the situation and the difficulties in Cuba, and the optimism of its people, who have a lot of dignity and its very proud of having made a Revolution.

8 thoughts on “Benecio del Toro on Cuba: Obtuse and obsequious”

  1. What is wrong with this guy? Does he think that because he played the chechito character in a film he can channel him? What a moron is Bencio del Burro.

  2. Firefly, the problem is that everybody [especially people from Latrine America] think that they have a right to put heir two bits in about Cuba. Ironically, they think that they have an even greater right to give an opinon about Cuba than we do, because we are after all, “gusanos,” “those people,” “rightwingers,” and part of the hated “Miami Mafia.” In fact, because we are all those things to them, they think that we don’t have a right AT ALL to talk about Cuba.

    Cuba, especially, to our beloved LATEENO brothers and sisters, is like a PORNO MOVIE. People like to watch porn, they enjoy watching the actors degrade themselves on the screen, but they don’t want to be the actors in the movie.

    People like Berncio enjoy their limousine life, but they, also, enjoy the degradation that Cuba has become, because they don’t have to live it, nor do they have to give up any of their luxuries.

  3. Is he retarded or just looks like it? I love the Benecio typo (?). “Necio” is Spanish for stupid. He should always be called that, at least here at Babalú.

  4. I would say the following:

    The are also a lot of things that happen in Cuba that don’t happen anywhere in America (of the west in general) and not do to the will of its people, you resented, hypocrite, superficial, and shameless limousine-commi imbecile.

    If freedom of travel truly concerns you, before complaining about your difficulties as a free American citizen to travel to Cuba you would first denounce the fact that Cubans are not allowed, among countless things, to freely travel ANYWHERE, not even withing Cuban provinces.

    Stop using the disgrace of a nation (that is not yours) and the posturing of a fraudulent control-freak as your revel image to hop on all to ventilate personal frustrations and resentments, you daring imbecil e hijo de la gran puta.

    – Have a Cuban tell him that in a news conference and I bet the pretentious chicken headed faggot will walkout and think it twice next time. But no, they let him go and go and even pull punches as if they didn’t even know Cuba is Stalinist state. I would love to see him defending Hezbollah and Hamas from Beverly Hills and see if they would also let him go back to back. Yeah, right. This is just the result of having liberal Jews and the left in general controlling the media, all of them always very conveniently myopic and leftist until it reaches them, of course –

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