Cuba: The internet cable that only works for the Castro dictatorship

The media is still scratching its head trying to figure out why the undersea internet cable laid from Venezuela to Cuba is not providing the Cuban people with internet access. Of course, the reason cannot be that the Castro dictatorship is a totalitarian regime whose survival depends on keeping the Cuban people deprived of information. Therefore, they are exploring all sorts of other possible reasons.

Was it the embezzlement scandal? Infrastructure problems? Is the cable working?

Yes, the cable is working:

Venezuela: Fiber-optic cable to Cuba is working

An undersea fiber-optic cable that was laid last year between Venezuela and Cuba is working, a Venezuelan government official said Thursday.

The cable was rolled out starting in Venezuela and reached eastern Cuba in February 2011. But 10 months after the system was supposed to have gone online, Cuba’s government has not recently mentioned the cable, and the Internet on the island remains the slowest in the Western Hemisphere. The link had been expected to promptly improve the speed of the Internet in Cuba.

Jorge Arreaza, Venezuela’s science and technology minister, said that “a few months ago we signed all the remaining protocols, all the necessary security measures with the Cuban government.”

“It’s absolutely operational. It will depend on the Cuban government what it uses it for. Of course that’s their sovereign matter, but we know that the undersea cable is in full operation,” Arreaza told reporters.

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