6 thoughts on “Photo of the day — San Francisco Show and Tell”

  1. Let’s see if I can wear it tomorrow morning at Mariela’s presentation at the LASA Conference. I’ll keep you posted, Alberto. (Wish I had a poster that said “Free Alan Gross” but I have no talent for that sort of thing.

  2. Whoops, I misspoke, Mariela gave her presentation last Thursday. Darn, I missed my chance to demonstrate at the event. Don’t know where she’ll be tomorrow.

  3. I truly find it sad that our Cuban mafias have crumbled with the years, considering that killing communists was always part of the itinerary. Omega 7, La Corporacion, all the many clicks of the ’70s and ’80s, etc, no matter the size they always fought fire with fire and were the people that got it done for years, either at will or at the asking USA (because they knew they would gladly do it and with passion).

    Many of them even took part in the intelligence efforts against communist expansion efforts during the Central American wars of the ’80s all to later have USA screw them over trafficking, gambling, arms smuggling, or even eating a stop sign. All typical Uncle Sam behavior seemingly forgetting the USA’s own War of Independence was aided by arms from abroad through underground routes and smugglers. I am sorry, did I say “forgetting”? I still wonder how a nation with an American military base in its soil becomes a Soviet Satellite State…

    And here we are, 2012 with the supportive daughter of the biggest fraud, murderer, betrayer, slavish thug, and scumbag Cuba has ever had coming to our exiled nation (the one she also calls culprit of all and the enemy) to call us worms, parasites, and mafia before heading back to the suite, and our best response is wearing t-shirts as if it was any other day. That’s what it has come to, both from the part of USA and our reality in it. I don’t blame the woman in the picture for anything (I too expose the cause), but overall I find our general degradation amidst this, pretty sad and even pathetic, I really do.

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