U.S. Manned Space Flight in The 21st Century

I just had to post this, especially since the bulk of the Babalu Blog editors live not very far from the USA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Below is Star City and the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Russia. It has historically been Russia’s (and the USSR’s) version of our NASA/Kennedy Space Center. Now the rustic landmark outside of Moscow is pretty much Earth’s central launch and command post for humanity’s manned space flight. Just a reminder, since NASA’s manned-operations/flights are ‘over’ in order to transform the agency into a “Muslim outreach” program, our USA astronauts are buying tickets to ride (expensive tickets, and rising with any political reason Putin feels justified in) on Russia’s ships.




The Russian Orthodox priest blessings on site are indeed critical and crucial to each and every manned flight…


More photos at the story link.

UPDATE: A friend reminds me SpaceX’s Dragon was just successfully captured by the ISS, and the USA’s biggest hopes for advancing our manned space flight will be by privately owned companies.

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