Cuba: Arrests of dissidents continue while political prisoners protest prison conditions

In Cuba, the Castro dictatorship continues to arrest political dissidents while political prisoners are left with no other alternative than to engage in hunger strikes to protest the miserable conditions of their incarceration.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Cuba independent photojournalist Gerardo Younel Avila arrested

Gerardo Younel en su casa el pasado mes de abrilGerardo Younel Avila

The Cuban secret police made good on a threat and on Saturday arrested independent photojournalist Gerardo Younel Avila to block him from covering a march by Damas De Blanco.

Police had warned him last week he would be arrested if he went ahead with plans to cover a gathering of the Damas planned for Sunday at the Santa Rita de Casia church in Havana. Not waiting to see whether the threats would work, police on Saturday arrested Younel at his home.

For more, read the report from Younel’s new agency, CIHPRESS.

10 Cuban political prisoners on hunger strike in Guantanamo to demand better conditions @CIHPRESS

Ten Cuban political prisoners have started hunger strikes to demand that their jailers comply with international standards for prisons.

The 10 prisoners are:

CIHPRESS has more details about the protest.