The Real War on Women


From Live Action via Hot Air:

This is a very disturbing video.  (Go directly to this site to watch… I still don’t know how to embed a video).  I suppose that if someone had filmed the Nazi officer’s club at a death camp , the conversation would not have been much different. It is a hidden camera exposé of the advice that Planned Parenthood doles out to those who want to “terminate” their pregnancies at 20 weeks if the ultrasound reveals a girl rather than a boy. At one point the PP counselor admits that some doctors can be “judgmental” about a mother’s choice because the baby’s brain and everything else is fully developed by the time that the ultrasound can clearly detect its sex. And she cuckles.  Never mind the medicaid fraud that is also being promoted.  In a just world, this evidence would elicit howls of protest and lead to the prosecution of those involved.

2 thoughts on “The Real War on Women”

  1. Yet most of my liberal friends are more worried about Romney taking away “women’s rights” than they are upset at Obama’s horrendous rules being foisted on Catholics. Liberals don’t seem to care too much about damage to the economy and freedom that his presidency has meant. What is going on?

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