Your Tuesday Babalú Ajiaco for May 29, 2012

After the long weekend, the Babalú kitchen staff staggered in this morning a little groggy and a lot hungover. Nevertheless, after six Cuban coladas, the knives began chopping and the pots started banging as they prepared your news ajiaco for this Tuesday, May 29th:

  • Fidel Castro the Spymaster: According to former CIA officer and author Brian Latell, a tinpot dictator consistently made fools of the the U.S. intelligence community. Still, you have to wonder; is Fidel really all that smart, or were certain factions within the CIA just plain dumb?
  • The mystery of Cuba’s missing Undersea Internet Cable continues. A year after its inauguration on the island, no one has yet been able to find it. Unconfirmed reports indicate the Internet Cable was seen recently smoking a cigar and drinking a mojito at a tourist only beach-side Cuban resort. We are still awaiting photographic evidence of this sighting.
  • The Vice-President of the terrorist state of Iran visited Cuba and met with Castro officials and stressed the “excellent state of bilateral ties” between the two dictatorships. But hey, that does not mean Cuba is a State Sponsor of Terror. All they did was trade recipes and show each other pictures of their grand kids.

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  1. The international art world is all about fashion, image, and being (or looking) very “progressive.” In other words, it’s distinctly leftist and will always give the official Cuban art scene (along with Castro, Inc.) every benefit of the doubt–assuming there is any doubt at all. Just par for the course, like the entertainment business.

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