It’s 1492 All Over Again

Watch this video to see the latest in neocolonialism.  It’s a very slick promotional video aimed at Spaniards, trying to sell them on a new golf and yacht resort in Pinar del Rio.

Here we go again: the Spanish are re-colonializing Cuba, with the help of the Castro regime. As before, those involved in this venture, and those who will line up to cash in or to live and play in this little “paradise” have nothing but contempt for the people of Cuba. The only difference this time around is that the colonizing is not being directed by the Spanish monarchy, but by businessmen, and that those few natives who own the island are willingly and eagerly turning it into a colony. It’s 1492 all over again, only that this time the caciques are cashing in on the deal.

These %$#@!*&^% bastards are vile enough and dumb enough to sneak in footage of Miami and pass it off as if it were Cuba.  It’s the only way they could make Cuba look good.

Watch it and weep, or wail, or rage, or curse. Some day, perhaps, this can be shown in a court of law, and everyone involved in this venture will get the jail time they deserve.

3 thoughts on “It’s 1492 All Over Again”

  1. Isn’t advertising great? Just like politics. And of course, all this fancy development is not elitist or bourgeois at all. It’s all very revolutionary and proletarian. Really. Just another instance of people-to-people outreach.

  2. What makes all of this all the more infuriating is that castro has his cake and he gets to eat it too. While covering himself in a mantle of patriotism, nationalism and Cubaness that would put Jose Marti to shame, he is actually the complete opposite, the most anti-Cuban head of state that we have ever had. It’s obvious that he hates Cubans and Cuba and doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we become a colony of Spain, or for that matter whatever country is willing to bail him out and permit his dynasty to last in perpetuity.

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