Is it a week from hell, or just colorful?

Its a madhouse....A MAAAAADHOUSE !!!!
Its a madhouse....A MAAAAADHOUSE !!!!

Quick, Doctor Zaius…. get the fire hose!

What the hell is going on?  This has been an apocalyptic week.  News stories straight from the infernal regions.  It’s the Triple Crown of horror and gore.   And you can’t blame it on a full moon, or Al Gore.

Topping all news stories, maybe for years to come: the naked face-chewing Zombie.  Here is the latest.

Then there is this:  Maryland man accused of killing housemate, eating heart and brains.

And thisMan cut off pieces of his own skin, intestines, and throws them at police

But it doesn’t end there…. … our neighbors to the North didn’t want to fall behind, so some Canuck took up the challenge, turning dismemberment into a political statement:  Former porn actor suspected of mailing body parts to Canadian political parties. Victim’s torso found in alley after left foot and other parts were shipped via Canada Post to Conservative and Liberal parties.

Of course, our neighbors to the South are very hard to compete with.  Almost 50 bodies found on Mexican highway. But they seem to have taken some time off this week, maybe due to all the mayhem up North.

And, meanwhile, back in the homeland, also to the South, only mild mayhem:  The Russians, back in Cuba with their Master Cards.

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