Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Hugo Chavez is wearing Fentanyl Patches and Diapers

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From the Spanish newspaper ABC:

The deathbed agony of Hugo Chavez is beginning to resemble that of Generalisimo Francisco Franco back in 1975, only that instead of constantly hearing that the dictator is still hanging on we are now beginning to get frequent reports of how little time he has left, and how poorly he is doing.

The latest report in the Spanish newspaper ABC – which also followed Franco’s agony minute by minute – confirms the information relayed by Dan Rather earlier this week, with that unique ABC eye for the morbid details.

Yes, ABC confirms, the cancer keeps spreading. It’s in his bones, his muscles, and his internal organs. He is in excruciating pain and is now wearing fentanyl patches around the clock. Fentanyl is a powerful narcotic about 100 times stronger than morphine. Having lost control of his bodily functions, he is also wearing diapers. All of the treatments he is now receiving are aimed at gaining him a few more days of life, not at curing his cancer.   Much like Franco, he will eventually be hooked up to life support machines and kept alive artificially as long as possible.

Apparently, medical experts disagree on how much time he has left. Some think he will die before the October 7 election, others think he might make it, but die shortly thereafter.

Absurdly – and predicatbly –while ABC and Dan Rather broadcast all of these details, the Venezuelan people are being kept in the dark.

While in Havana for treatments, Chavez is apparently able to make short phone calls to his vice president Elías Jaua and other government officials. He also relays important messages to Caracas through certain individuals. In Havana, apparently, Cuban officials keep a tight lid on all information. The man currently in charge of all Havana-Caracas business is the Venezuelan Minister of the Exterior, Nicolás Maduro, one of the very few Chavez lackeys who has not yet been implicated in drug trafficking.  Venezuela “experts” consider Maduro a potential successor to the dictator.

In sum, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez is still dying.  He is on his way out and barely able to function. The countdown has started, but no one seems to know what will happen as the zero hour approaches. And, meanwhile, is anyone taking bets on who will depart this earth first, Hugo or his creator, Fidel?

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