The real Cuban Mafia

Our good friend Silvio Canto Jr.:

Dear Mariela: Your family is the mafia NOT the Cuban Americans who want freedom for Cuba
We continue our posts about Mariela Castro’s trip to the US. As a proud Cuban-American, and the son of parents who stood for freedom in Cuba, I find Mariela Castro repulsive. We were saddened to see people cheer Mariela in San Francisco. We are happy that many “gay groups” in the US are not buying the nonsense that Mariela Castro is pushing.
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2 thoughts on “The real Cuban Mafia”

  1. Talk about a fucking family “MAFIA”. The Castro Mafia is the largest and wealthiest family mafia in this hemisphere, if not the entire world. All of these people should be strung up ala Mussolini when the appropriate time comes.

  2. Yes, she’s repulsive, but so are cockroaches, and they’re not going to change. She’s probably not as bad as she could be, given her parents: we’re talking seriously bad DNA. She’s not the problem. The problem is the world’s appalling hypocrisy and shamelessness. They know perfectly well she’s a totalitarian dictator’s daughter and an aggressive apologist and promoter for her father and the system he represents. This is not subtle or even remotely difficult to ascertain, so it should be a no-brainer that she should be rejected by anybody who’s on the side of freedom and human rights. Obviously, that’s not the case. So who’s really more repulsive, the cockroach, or cockroach lovers?

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