So what happened when Pinochet’s daughter tried visiting the U.S.?

Mariela Castro graciously escorted by State Department Diplomatic Security (DS) special agents.

Lucia Pinochet–rudely seized by U.S. authorities upon setting foot in the U.S. in 2006–and promptly deported.

From CNN:

Lucia Pinochet the eldest daughter of former Chilean dictator (emphasis by intransigent poster…what? No Chilean leader?…No Chilean president?? ) Augusto Pinochet has been sent back to Argentina, two days after she arrived in the United States after fleeing tax charges in Chile, a U.S. Homeland Security official said.

“Lucia you sorry chump!” Mariela Castro must be cackling. “Tax charges!…what’s that??!!… your Dad was a pathetic CHUMP–a WUSS! Any dictator worth his salt woulda murdered, jailed and exiled all members of an independent judiciary and replaced them with his butt-boys. Just ask my Uncle and Dad!..Then your wuss of a father holds a wussy election–and I still can’t get over this!–heeds the results and RESIGNS(!!!). And after a measely and wussy 15 years in power…Can’t get over it–Tax Charges!!!!!!!!!..

“Your stupid father also supported the U.S.’ Cold-War policy. Mine is on record for boasting: “My dream is to drop three (Soviet-made) Atomic Bombs on New York City.”

So I visit the U.S. and get the Red Carpet (literally) from coast to coast and a State Department Security detail…only thing missing was a 21-gun salute. You get DEPORTED!…live and learn, chica…”

“Being America’s enemy might be dangerous–being her ally is fatal” (Henry Kissinger)


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  1. What would George Bush do about Mariela; what would he have done about Pinochet?
    Why does the left not see these terrible inequities? Why do they insist on hating Bush and loving Obama?
    And what will Romney do?

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