Rep. David Rivera’s opening remarks at the Cuban Adjustment Act hearing

Congressman Rivera served as a witness on May 31, 2012 at a hearing of the Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement of the House Judiciary Committee. The topic of the hearing was H.R. 2831, a bill introduced and sponsored by Congressman Rivera to amend the Cuban Adjustment Act, Public Law 89-732, to modify the requirement for a Cuban national to qualify for and maintain status as a permanent resident.

3 thoughts on “Rep. David Rivera’s opening remarks at the Cuban Adjustment Act hearing”

  1. Let us closely follow the votes on this H.R. 2831, especially votes by our lateeeno brother and sister lawmakers….after all, it’s their constituents (supposedly) who greatly resent Cubans’ special status. So you’d really, really think they’d line up behind this bill…on the other hand the bill hurts Castro…Hummm? So let’s see how the votes line up.

  2. Humberto,

    This is a brilliant piece of legislature, because it is–as you suggest—exactly what our dear, dear Lateeeno brothers and sistas are always calling for–that is to say, to level the playing field, to remove the so-called favoritism that Cuban exiles receive.

    We’ve all heard the “horrible injustices,” the sob stories: while Mexicans and Central Americans [who have it far worst than we do. Practically every body even the Swiss have it worst than we do!] are hunted down by Minute Men, fall prey to Coyotes, are caught in sting operations and returned, or exploited by “heartless Americans,” Cubans are the recipients untold favoritism, and are practically carried on golden chariots over American borders to then receive untold largesse.

    We’ve been told, time and time again that this has got to stop. What a shock to the castroites that someone has finally decided to do something about this. How can they extricate themselves from this? It’s really hilarious seeing them do contortions that would put a Chinese acrobat to shame in order to back peddle and now justify this “horrible preference” that Cubans receive. LOL.

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