Politics is a taboo subject

Recently, in an email thread with some old friends, I was taken to task for always injecting politics and religion into conversations at social gatherings. Believe it or not, I usually don’t start the political discussion. I’m fairly certain most of you have been accused of doing the same. We’re political junkies; we read and write about the subject with as much passion as we can muster. I know I can be a little intense, but what most folks don’t take away is that we are truly in a fight for our existence. We need to discuss politics. Often. Ideas need to be aired and rolled around and dissected and hashed out. Here is my answer to the “let’s not talk politics and religion” admonition I received:

Politics determines 100% of the existence we sad little humans lead on this planet.

From the food we eat, to the material in the clothes we wear, to the price of gasoline in the cars we drive, to the interest rate we pay on our credit cards, to the quality of the schools our children go to, to the rules determining how to separate our garbage into neat little cans, to the number of gallons of water our toilets can use, to the size of sugary drinks we can buy in New York city, to the amount of taxes we have to pay.

EVERYTHING is determined by politics. It’s a little difficult to get away from it. It’s a lot more fun when you’re on the right side of the issues, though.

As for religion, that’s the japaleño sauce on top of the politics. Adds spice.

I might add that the ones that don’t want to talk politics are usually on the other side of the spectrum. Ironically, you’d think they would want to defend their positions with as much passion as we defend ours. (They can’t.) I made a comment late in the thread that “Republican” was was my default position when I voted. I was (mildly) taken to task with the “I don’t vote labels” line and with a rebuke about Sarah Palin dooming McCain in 2008. (I’m still amazed how deep Palin is in the heads of the libs; they just can’t stop thinking about her, even though she’s not a candidate.) Here was my reply, slightly edited from the original:

Your statement that Palin doomed McCain is nothing but a repetition of the meme started by the MSM to discredit her. Every poll you review will tell you that if it weren’t for Sarah Palin’s conservative supporters McCain would have lost to The Messiah by double digits. I was not planning on voting for McCain. Why bother? He was a RINO. He was an older, less socialist, but equally obnoxious liberal, willing to take my right of free speech away (McCain-Feingold). You can read my “Dear John” letter, published the day after Super Tuesday in 2008, here.

I was disgusted with him as I am with all the other RINOs. They were (are) ruining the party of Reagan and throwing it smack-dab into the toilet. Palin was selected as veep and I changed my mind. You can read my second “Dear John” letter here.

She was the Reagan factor of the 2008 election. People liked her. Not McCain. Nobody liked McCain. Every real conservative I know is a Palin supporter. She has been maligned, insulted, defamed, libeled, stalked and she is still standing, pissing off libs everywhere. She is the real deal. She commands enormous support from the grassroots and Tea Party because she is a REAL conservative. When she endorses a candidate, the candidate wins. Don’t believe me, do the research yourself. Democrats underestimate the level of support she has in the real world to their peril. Which is a good thing. (Wisconsin, anyone?)

Now as for my “default” statement. It was made, with all intent, to tweak you into reacting, which you did. But let me tell you the story behind that statement.

In 1992, for the first and last time in my life, I voted for a Democrat. I voted not on labels, but based on what I thought at the time was a thoughtful alternative to George H. W. Bush. Bush 41 had broken his promise not to raise taxes and scads of us were really, really pissed off at him. The alternatives that year were Clinton/Gore and Perot. I decided, based on what I was hearing in the campaign, to vote for the Democrat ticket because they represented themselves as something new: moderate Dems who would be fiscally conservative. I was terribly, horribly, embarrassingly wrong. I was conned by these two snake-oil salesman into actually believing a Democrat could change its stripes. Within 90 days of the election I knew I had made a terrible mistake. HillaryCare — a “kinder, gentler” ObamaCare — and Waco opened my eyes to the reality of who I had helped elect. I was disgusted with myself — and don’t even get me going on Clinton’s missed half-dozen opportunities to kill bin Laden, the response to the murder of the Brothers to the Rescue flyers, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and Elian.

Clinton, at least, was a smart enough politician to smell the coffee and went along with a GOP Congress that helped him — in more ways than he will admit — bring some fiscal sanity to Washington. Algore? Well, he’s turned out to be a total loon, continuing to con people into believing that a planet that has been pummeled by rocks and radiation for four billion years can be harmed by us, the planetary equivalent of ladillas [gnats]. In 1993, I not only resigned my membership in the Republican party, I joined the Libertarian party. The Libertarian party had (has) its share of loons, but on fiscal policy they’re right on the money. Liberty is essential in America and I knew I would not get it with the GOP of that day — and never with the lying Democrats. That statement is still partially true today. The grassroots Tea Party movement is the closest thing we have to libertarian action; it is successful because the WE THE PEOPLE are tired of the bullshit from both major parties. I will ALWAYS vote for the conservative, liberty-loving candidate. I will NEVER vote for the candidate who wants to enslave me. Case in point: Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York City. He is the quintessential RINO. I’d rather vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE than vote for him or the (probably worse) Democrat.

Every Democrat running or serving today is an effing liar. Every. Single. One. Because of my bad judgement I gained a lot of experience with the Democrat’s mendacity, their deceit, their subterfuge, their moral bankruptcy, their despicable disrespect of the citizens and taxpayers of this country, their support of every liberty-killing initiative that has come down the pike in the last twenty years. I will never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, never, ever, never, ever vote for a Democrat again. Any Republican, even John McCain or Mitt Romney, is preferable. I can guarantee you that I am not the only person that feels this way.

A flood is coming November 6. And there a lot of folks who can’t or won’t see the wave cresting.

You can’t convince anybody to change their position if they are unwilling to examine the facts and evidence. I experience that on a daily basis with the the Kool-Aid drinkers. You can throw numbers and empirical evidence at them and it bounces right off.

It is what it is.

8 thoughts on “Politics is a taboo subject”

  1. Indeed George, I call it “Collective Stupidity”…

    The truth is that this disease is the fruit of fifty plus years of MSM and lefty academia indoctrination on the American people.

    This brainwashing did not happen overnight and has continuously evolved.

    Unfortunately our side has not put enough money and effort to counter this collective brainwashing of the American people.

  2. You must have read my mind George. Ditto, Ditto on everything you said. Talking to Liberals/Democrats is a waste of time. Truly, if it weren’t because I have children and grandchildren I would let them run this country to the ground. After 10 years of experiencing Socialism there wouldn’t be any of them left to argue with.

  3. Ditto George, and they are all libs, or in my opinion an even worse animal, (Usually an artiste) who shrinks from any discussion of politics lest they besmirch the purity of their full of shit elitist self. I’m almost with you Firefly, except I have to live here.

  4. You surely read my mind, too.

    A recent example – one of many I could share.

    I was talking to a friend and we were having a casual conversation and making plans to get together. She said something about current events. I don’t remember what. I was angry about something going on; when am I not? And I answered in a rant which ended that any Jew who votes for Obama is nuts. She told me she isn’t voting for Obama but she is not obsessed about politics the way I am; she has a life. (get the dig there?) She then proceeded to tell me how I am alienating all of my friends because there is no way to have a conversation with me without it deteriorating into politics. The fact that she started it is by now irrelevant. She is really getting going. She then lands into me in a ten minute rant about all of her political opinions which have so many errors of reasoning that it would take hours to get through them. But I was told that I shouldn’t talk politics so I obliged her and kept mum.

    I couldn’t resist at the end telling her that I had been silent for the last ten minutes as she requested, yet she has been trying to politically indoctrinate me during this whole time. For someone who hates talking about politics, she was not giving a very good imitation of it.

    She changed the subject and did not react or respond to what I had just said.

    Liberals feel things. Don’t annoy them with facts and logic. They care so much more than I do. I have given up talking to people except in extreme circumstances.

    But they know I am thinking very loud.

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