CNN outdoes even itself

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez testifying to Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Christiane Amanpour “interviews” Mariela Castro (When Ann Coulter was asked on ABC’s “The View” if she had ever seen two women having sex, she replied: “Not since Katie Couric interviewed Hillary Clinton”. The above interview was close.)

Given the media’s neurotic hyper-sensitivity to the most microscopic hint of white on black racism here’s a question:

When would a black human-rights activist who was jailed and tortured by a lily-white regime essentially for the crime of quoting Martin Luther King be totally ignored by this same media while (almost concurrently) the white daughter of his white torturer gets fawning coverage on a U.S. visit which includes a forum by CNN for this white woman to insult the black torture-victim as a “liar” a “crook” and a “mercenary” with nary a rebuttal or even question from her hosts?

Answer: When the Black gentleman (Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez) was jailed and tortured by the Castro regime and when the white woman is Raul Castro’s daughter, Mariela.

Antunez’ testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations yesterday (where he denounced Mariela’s U.S. visa as an “insult” to all suffering Cubans) was completely blacked out by The Media. Even worse,(better) Antúnez, denounced “the policies of rapproachment with Cuba for strengthening the repressive apparatus and the impunity of the aggressors.” “Neither remittances,” he stressed, “nor travel nor cultural exchanges will help the democratization of Cuba.”

Any questions why his testimony was blacked (excuse the pun) out?

As for Mariela’s chirpings?

They were broadcast far and wide by CNN. Mariela insulted all Cuban dissidents as “U.S. mercenaries, liars..blah, blah” as Christiane Amanpour smiled and nodded between showing cutesy family pics of the Castro klan…..

Absolutely Un-‘Freakin-Real.