Hugo Chavez: His days are ‘numbered’

According to the head of the World Bank, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’s days are “numbered”:

Chavez’s days ‘numbered’: World Bank head

Washington – The days of cancer-stricken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are “numbered,” and without his support the leftist regimes in Cuba and Nicaragua will struggle, outgoing World Bank chief Robert Zoellick said on Thursday.

Chavez is Latin America’s most prominent leftist leader, and critics say he runs an autocratic regime that has cracked down on human rights in his oil-rich country.

“Chavez’s days are numbered,” Zoellick said in a speech in Washington, adding that if his subsidies to Cuba and Nicaragua are cut, “those regimes will be in trouble”.

“The democrats of Latin America – left, centre, and right – should be preparing,” he added.