“Republican” Senator Robert Menendez says Christiane Amanpour


Asked (by Christiane Amanpour) about Sen. Robert Menendez’s description of her as “a vocal advocate of the regime, an opponent of democracy, who has defended the brutal repression of democracy activists,” Mariela Castro called the Republican from New Jersey “a person who really doesn’t have his feet down on the ground.”

Well…he’s Cuban, he’s anti-Castro–GOTTA be one a ‘dem Republicans!

Christiane you “PROFILER” you!

1 thought on ““Republican” Senator Robert Menendez says Christiane Amanpour”

  1. Senator Robert Menendez should have switched parties a long time ago…

    That his daughter has been such a kool-aid drinker makes you wonder if the senator shares some of her idiotic views.

    I wouldn’t be surprised…

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