Castro-Style Diplomacy: Selling slave labor

For the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, diplomacy has a completely different meaning: It is not about cultivating new relationships or strengthening old ones, it is about generating hard currency through the sale of slave labor. All throughout the world, there are thousands of Cubans forcibly working for foreign entities and governments as veritable slaves, their “wages” paid directly to the Cuban dictatorship to the tune of billions of dollars. It is a despicable practice and an atrocious violation of human rights that apparently raises few eyebrows.

Via GlobalPost:

Cuba injects doctor diplomacy into Africa

Oil-pumping African nations pay hefty sums to staff their hospitals with thousands of Cuban doctors, with most of the money going to the Cuban government.
HAVANA, Cuba — Africa is a growth market for the world’s best-known Cuban brand after Havana Club rum and Cohiba cigars.

That would be Cuba Rx, also known as Havana’s doctor diplomacy.

A generation ago, Fidel Castro sent Cuban soldiers to intervene in African civil conflicts and fight the Cold War against US proxies. Now, Cuba’s doctors are fanning out across the continent as the island expands its role in administering medical services to some of the world’s most ailing countries.

For Cuba the effort is good philanthropy, good diplomacy and, in some cases, good business. The Cuban missionaries are part of a widening global medical outreach that has boosted Havana’s ties around the world and earned billions in hard currency for the cash-strapped Castro government.

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  1. It’s not slave labor unless the great leftist moralists condemn it as such, and obviously they haven’t and won’t.

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