Mariela and CNN score a (literal) knock-out over Antunez

“Gimme five, Christiane!…that uppity negro de mie*da is gonna finally learn to speak only when spoken-to–by my family! Here my Dad gave him a chance to kneel before tourists and shine their shoes–and look at the thanks we get!”

Antunez testimony last week, broadcast from a totalitarian country and at great risk to his liberty, might have been considered newsworthy. Instead he met with a total media blackout. But when Nelson Mandela addressed Congress in June 1990, after a tumultuous ticker tape parade in New York, every U.S. network carried his every word along with the frequent and thunderous Congressional ovations accompanying them. The ovations from members of the Congressional Black Congress, needless to add, were particularly thunderous.

But rather than hailing the black torture victim (Antunez’) this same Congressional Black Caucus hails his torturer, and in a manner that can only be compared to Ann Margaret’s hailing of Conrad Birdie. If this also sounds hyperbolic here are direct quotes from CBC members after their visit to Cuba in April 2009:

Our friends at Townhall blockheadedly INSIST on helping us educate a few folks on the heroism of Antunez and the swinishness of Mariela Castro and CNN. Thanks to Capitol Hill Cubans and Babalu the Townhall piece includes a link to the latest report on Antunez beating and arrest.