The healthcare in Cuba Michael Moore didn’t tell you about

Via Café Fuerte, the vaunted Castro dictatorship healthcare system Michael Moore didn’t tell you about (my translation):

The little girl who waits for a public healthcare miracle

BAYAMO.- While the Cuban government extolls its free healthcare system as one of its strongest human rights advances, Idania Rodriguez Rodriguez has no reason to believe it.

Idania Rodriguez lives in extreme poverty in a house located on Avenue of the Martyrs No. 154 in Bayamo in the province of Granma. Her daughter Diane Yadira Arias was born on September 21, 2008 suffering from esophageal atresia and underwent an operation five hours after her birth.

“Ever since then we have been having difficulties,” said Rodriguez. “We live in a small house with very little ventilation and abysmal living conditions.”

She says that she has been left to fend for herself. The doctors have assured her that her daughter’s ailment could be cured with an operation, but “they will only operate when she gets over the cold she has had for the past two years.”

“Meanwhile, the one going through difficulties is me because she can only be fed liquids and still wets her bed and I don’t know what else to do since there are no antiseptic wipes. Neither do they guarantee me anything. Getting feeding tubes and syringes… everything is an ordeal,” she said.

The little girl was admitted into the hospital in August of last year to treat her cold, but they did not give her the indicated medication because they did not have it. She only received four ounces of nutrition once in the morning and once in the afternoon, not enough for the nutritional needs of a three year old girl.

“I told the doctors that things could not continue this way. My little girl was covered in mosquito bites and was in danger of a bacterial infection since the room was infectious. That was the reason I decided to take her out of the hospital,” said Rodriguez.

As of the moment, she has not received any type of special attention or help from the State.

“Help? Not even one bit! At this moment I am cooking with kerosene right there in her room, which harms my little girl, because I haven’t received any liquid gas to cook with… Sometimes I have to go around the neighborhood asking for favors… a blender to puree her food,” the woman said.

She added that she has gone to the offices of the municipal and provincial government in search of help but “what they gave me was a piece of paper that said they could not help me with anything.”