Cuba’s 1-percenters live in luxury while the 99% live in squalor

There is never a shortage of water, electricity, air conditioning, and for that matter, steaks, caviar, lobster, or expensive imported wine at dictator Raul Castro’s palace in Havana. The same can be said for former dictator Fidel Castro’s retirement estate known as Punto Cero , Ground Zero. The elite officials and the Cuban dictatorship’s children and family, Cuba’s notorious 1-percenters, reside in luxurious mansions and expansive ranches with maids and butlers, and they never have to worry about an apagon (an electrical black out) or their water being cut off.

But for Cuba’s 99%, the 11-million slaves who are condemned to work in order to maintain their slave masters, it is a completely different story.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

More than 400 Students Still Without Water in Secondary School of Holguin, Cuba

Disconent continues to escalate among more than 400 students in the secondary Antonio Maceo Grajales School in Holguin as the educational center still has no water since this past month of May, according to the independent journalist Caridad Caballero Batista.

This past 18th of May, these students- in their majority those from ninth grade- carried out a protest in which they demanded that the principals of the school provide water for all students.  The protest was sparked by the fact that one student fainted after being extremely thirsty.  The response of the directors was to demand that each student pay 5 pesos in order to buy a new tank of water.  The majority of thse students paid the amount but, up to the moment (this 11th of June 2012), there is still no new tank in the school.

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