El Sharko circles the waters of the Broward GOP congressional primary race

El Sharko, political reporter and our good friend Javier Manjares, lives up to his nickname as he circles the tumultuous waters of the GOP primary for the congressional seat in Broward County, FL. There appears to be some dubious goings on as one of the candidates, unhappy with Sharko’s reporting, has decided to go after him personally.

Via The Shark Tank:

Congressional Candidate Ozzie deFaria Under Criminal Investigation

http://shark-tank.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/defaria-arrest3-300x190.pngEmbattled Republican congressional candidate Ozzie deFaria, who is best known for the “dog collar”incident is now the focus of a criminal investigation as a result of apparently receiving illegally  information that is only available to current law enforcement officials.

It’s been increasingly alarming to hear about the different Alinskyite tactics that have been used against conservative bloggers and journalists of late. Some of my fellow conservative bloggers have been the target of “Swatting” attacks that have made national news of late, the purpose of which are to terrorize their victims and intimidate them to stop their blogging efforts.

deFaria, who has employed an amateurish campaign staff that has undoubtedly poorly advised him on how to properly do damage control has put up a website about his main opponent in the Republican primary race, Karen Harrington that is nothing less than laughable and libelous. deFaria has been in damage control mode subsequent to the revelation of his 2005 domestic violence issue and his 2006 arrest for repeat violence and battery.

The website contains several misrepresentations of Harrington and even questions her claim to being a small business owner because she only owns part of her family business. This accusation is insulting to all small business owners who have entered into partnerships with their friends and families- no one but deFaria apparently believes that if you only own 1/6 or any fraction of a business then you aren’t really small business owner.

But here’s deFaria’s major no-no that has landed him in hot water- he illegally obtained my Florida driver’s license information and photo and then claimed that it was a ‘mugshot’ of me. Right underneath the picture, deFaria typed my name and the date of a domestic violence issue I had in 2008 in a pathetic attempt to make my license picture look like is was actually a mug shot taken after an arrest.

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