Forced Exile: Another Cuban Tragedy

Our good friend Marc Masferrer on the Cuban tragedy of forced exile at Uncommon Sense:

Forced exile is yet another tragedy of Castro’s Cuba

One of the many tragedies that is Cuba today is how so many brave men and women have been forced into exile because of their opposition to the Castro regime. In the United States or elsewhere, they arguably are safer, but they are away from the land and the people they love, for whom they have sacrificed so much. It is sad and infuriating to consider how they have been driven from their home.

DarsiDarsi Ferrer

Last week, activist Darsi Ferrer said he would be joining his wife and son later this month  in exile in Tennessee. Ferrer, a veteran of many anti-Castro protests, would have preferred to stay in Cuba, but the regime insisted on his departure from the island as a condition of it allowing his wife to travel to the United States for needed medical care.

On Sunday, it was learned that activist and former political prisoner Francisco Chaviano would be leaving for Miami for needed medical care. Cuban doctors have told them he needs surgery for a painful back condition, “but I fear such surgery in Cuba, for obvious reasons,” Chaviano said.

Chaviano170612Francisco Chaviano

The exile of men like Ferrer and Chaviano is a great loss for the struggle for freedom in Cuba, but they are deserving of no criticism or scorn for their decisions. They have sacrificed much, they and their families have paid a heavy price because of their commitment to building a free Cuba. No one has the right to ask them to do more, while putting their lives and those of their families at further risk.

Instead, save your scorn for the Castro dictatorship, which uses forcible exile of its opponents as just another weapon of its repression.

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  1. It IS tragic, but I’m glad they will be safe. I know if I lived in Cuba, I wouldn’t have their courage and dedication.

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