Game. Set. Match.


‘Allahu Akbar!’ and all that feel good stuff.

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood party’s candidate Mohammed Morsi wins Egyptian election


And as the Obama White House congratulates Egypt’s new president-elect Mohamed Morsi of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood party, Congressman Allen West echoes many of our, I told ya soes, and is also calling on the White House “to cut off American foreign aid to Egypt, denounce the results of this election, repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamist political entities…”

Won’t happen, of course. But you can’t fault the good Colonel for trying. After all, our one true friend and ally in the Middle East is a bit concerned right about now. Not to worry. All is well, I’m sure.

What’s that? I’m dripping with sarcasm? Oh, suuurry.

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  1. The military are still in power and it’s still up in the air if they’ll really ever relinquish it.

    I was wrong on three counts, that the islamists wouldn’t win a majority in the (now disbanded) parliament, that the brotherhood would keep its promise of not running a candidate for president and the military would remain a strong U.S. ally. So pretty much wrong about everything.

    So rainbows and unicorns, deservedly.

  2. I won’t be gloating, jsb.

    Deception is a very useful and important tool for TPTB in that area of the world. Those of us that hold strong skepticism have to field the ‘racist’ slings and arrows, but we have to withhold our trust that they are men of their word.

    A very nasty situation is now in play in Egypt, for those within the country, and for Israel.

    I know, Israel can take care of herself. But do we really want the situation to ever get that far?

    Iran has its sticky fingers in just about every corner of the ME and the Arab/Muslim world in general, and their plan is not a good one.

    The Egyptian results were expected by some of us…

    but evidently it was hoped for by the Obama admin.

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, expressing relief on Sunday that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate will be Egypt’s next president, voiced cautious optimism that the choice could keep the country’s rocky transition to democracy on track. […]

    The bigger question that needs answered here is “WHY?”

    The O admin can ‘hope’ for ‘unity’ at all levels of Egypt under the MB regime, but ‘diversity’ will not be tolerated if/when Sharia becomes the cornerstone of their constitution and laws.

    I worry for the Christians (already under attack) and other actual ‘moderate’ Muslims, AND the secular population in tune with the real and productive world that was hoping for a different sort of change for Egypt, within Egypt who will either be forced into submission, or eliminated.

    As the saying goes…

    “Last Coptic Christian out of Egypt turn off the lights”.

  3. “The military are still in power and it’s still up in the air if they’ll really ever relinquish it.”

    Time to wake up and acknowledge reality. Sooner or later Egypt’s military top brass will have to embrace the Islamic revolution or risk ending up like the Shah of Iran’s top generals, executed by a firing squat. That’ the next step the Muslim Brotherhood is preparing to consolidate power in Egypt.

    The Brotherhood will throw the masses on the streets and the military will eventually capitulate or their top brass will end up executed, that simple.

    It is becoming more obvious that even that Egypt’s Islamic revolution was planned in Teheran…

  4. Maggie,

    POTUS is an accomplice to Iran’s and the Muslim Brotherhood plans to destroy the State of Israel. By the time American Jews realize it, lots of people will be dead on each side.

  5. Indeed Maggie,

    We’re disregarded as the hardliners and yet our assessments of the situation are right on target…

  6. I predicted this since day one and I am not part the CIA nor an analyst group, one does not have to be. The eminent realities of Muslim states and the fact that the Islamic Brotherhood was not going to seat this one out were, and are, all obvious to anyone with a brain.

    If the very USA can’t secure a secular democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan after 10+ years or arduous intent, what does this stupid nation expect will happen in Egypt after creating a power vacuum by pressuring for the ousting of Mubarak, an American ally, and all done to the beat of frivolous rhetoric, mere shamelessness, and romantic imbecility. Obama can’t be that stupid and naive but he is indeed that dishonest, resented, and anti-American (yes, I said it and so did his pastor and friends).

    I truly feel bad for the men in the US military and truly wonder what prompts new enlistees after the nations very own commander in chief, not only opens for doors for Islamist to immigrate like never before, but helps Islamic extremists create more Islamic regimes.

    In regards to the Egyptian military, I agree with FreedomForCuba. Amidst all the international pressure (primarily American) they will either subjugate to stay around, or at least try to reach the exit door slowly, or pack their bags and send it all to hell just like Cuba’s military in 1958 before facing an execution under “war crimes” thanks to the “suddenly oh so democratic and moralistic” betrayal of USA.

    Give it ten years to see which new war is the result of an Islamic Egypt, I mean, America’s pointless betrayals and stupidity which created such Egypt. If one really looks at it, both Iraq and Afghanistan are no more than the result of previous half-backed jobs and previous foreign policy stupidities.

  7. Gallardo,

    I give it less than five years before a full blown conflict is started by an Islamic Egypt(with Iran’s help) against Israel.

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