FIU professor exposed as Cuban spy moves intelligence operation to New York

Ever since FIU professor Lisandro Perez was exposed as a Cuban intelligence agent, it has become increasingly difficult for him to carry out his spy duties here in South Florida. Therefore, no one should be surprised the exposed Castro spy is moving his intelligence operations to a safer venue.

Via Cuba Confidential:

“Burned” Cuban Agent Moves From Miami to the Big Apple

Dr. Lisandro Pérez, formerly a Sociology professor at Florida International University (FIU), has moved to John Jay College in New York City.  Identified as a Cuban Intelligence agent by no less than three separate sources, Perez was first “outed” 32 years old.

In 1974, the trimester Areito magazine was founded, which boasted of its support for Castro’s Cuban Revolution.  Four founders and collaborators of Areito were Jorge Dominguez, Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Lisandro Pérez & Marifeli Perez-Stable.  In 1980, Committee of 75 leader, Reverend Manuel Espinosa, publicly denounced Areito as front organizations for DGI espionage and recruitment campaign in the United States.  In March 1982, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent testified before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism, that Areito was “DGI propaganda.”  Then, in July 1983, DGI Captain Jesus Perez-Mendez defected to the United States and also confirmed Areito’s ties to Cuban Intelligence.


Pérez was formerly a Sociology professor at Florida International University (FIU) and the founder of the Cuban Research Institute (CRI).  He established CRI in 1991 and developed it into the premier academic center in the US for the study of Cuba and Cuban Americans.  He served as its director until 2003.  CRI has a relationship with the influential Inter-American Dialogue and they co-sponsor Cuba-related events in DC.  He is also a long-time supporter of dialogue w/dialog with Cuba.

Pérez has a lifelong interest in Cuban migration to the U.S., the dynamics of the Cuban-American community, and social change in Cuba. For several years, he was the author of the journal Cuban Studies, which has been published annually by the University of Pittsburgh   Press since 1985. It is the preeminent journal for scholarly work on Cuba.  He has contributed to several edited collections and has written articles for journals such as Columbia Journal of World Business, International Migration Review, the Latin American Research Review, Los Angeles Times, and the Journal of Latin American Studies. He has appeared on PBS’ Frontline, at the Woodrow Wilson Int’l Center for Scholars, at the Inter-American Dialogue, and the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE).

5 thoughts on “FIU professor exposed as Cuban spy moves intelligence operation to New York”

  1. What I don’t understand is: with as many Cubans as there are in Florida why was this guy still walking around on two legs??

  2. Amazing, isn’t it, CountNomis? We, the violent and terrorist members of the Miami Mafia have never touched a hair on this guy’s head. We have exposed him for what he is, but we haven’t sent violent mobs to beat him up. We haven’t carried out acts of repudiation. We haven’t fired him from his job and cut off his access to food and shelter. We haven’t cut off his cell phone or prohibited him from accessing the internet. We haven’t gone after his innocent family members or threatened to rape his kids or kidnap his daughter. It turns out the Miami Mafia is nothing like the Castro Mafia, which does all of these and many more vile things against those who oppose them.

    Yet we are the bad guys.

  3. Indeed Alberto,

    According to the Castro apologists and the liberal media the intransigent, hardliner Miami Mafia is bad very bad and the real Cuban Mafia (the Castro brothers) has been getting away with murder and oppression since 1959 time thanks to the MSM and the international news media.

  4. Reinaldo Arenas was right, never has a country the size of Cuba given so many scoundrels in proportion to its size. How many Cubans are there who are willing to sell out their country and their own for a position of prestige in some university, trips, or for some publishing deal? It’s outrageous.

    On another note, it’s amazing how intelligent the Cuban tyranny has been. All that they have needed–while we were out there screaming “down with Castro” in some protest down Calle Ocho that nobody paid attention to—is a few sellout scoundrels in a few key positions. From his chair in FIU and [at one time, I believe] as the head of the Latin American Studies Association, Lisandro Perez–who has published several books on Cuban studies– has been able to make a greater impact than a thousand Calle Ocho protests. I read at least one of his books–a purported study on Cuban exiles—and it was outrageous. He made out us to look like crazed and intolerant undesirables by quoting misinformation and selecting unrepresentative and isolated out-of-context events. But of course, that’s the name of the game. Make us out to look so crazed and right-winged that the regime looks normal by comparison, and nobody takes us seriously.

  5. If memory serves, this SOB, at a public event, once refused to admit that the Cuban government was a dictatorship. That alone should have immediately cost him his job, since it meant he was either mentally defective or an outrageous liar, and either way unfit to be any sort of teacher. But despicable as he may be, it was FIU that employed him and subjected its students to him for years. FIU is at least as guilty and contemptible as he, and there were other similar cases involving FIU staff.

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