Lies, lies and more lies about the Cuban Five

The official word from Cuba’s propaganda machine is that the cruel U.S. doesn’t permit  the wives of the so-called “Cuban-Five”  prisoners to visit.  Based on court documents,  Cafe Fuerte reports that two such visits took place near the end of 2010.  Olga Salanueva, wife of Rene González and Adriane Pérez, wife of Gerardo Hernández, both ineligible for visas under U.S. law,  were allowed to visit their husbands in prison by special permission from Washington.

Excerpts from Cafe Fuerte:  (My translation)

Contrary to the what the propaganda campaigns and media officials in Havana say, a new motion filed in a court in Miami to allow Gonzalez to return to Cuba includes a letter in which Salanueva recounts a brief visit with her husband at the prison in Marianna, Florida, at the end of 2010.

 “Only once, for three days in 10 years and subjected to harsh conditions, was I a visit to René to the prison in Marianna”, says Salanueva in the letter addressed to judge Joan Lenard.

 Contained in the motion – recorded on 22 June – the defense of Gonzalez also provides details of the meeting.

   It is the first time that Salanueva confirmed that she returned to United States. The woman, Member of the WaSP network along with Gonzalez, was deported and – not sentenced to prison – in 2000 by an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, in consideration of the fact that her daughter, Ivette was born shortly after.  As a U.S. citizen, Ivette González has visited her father on numerous occasions.

 Cuban media made reference to the motion submitted by Philip Horowitz, Attorney for Gonzalez, but skipped the mention of Salanueva U.S. visit.

The propaganda efforts of Cuba to secure the release of the five spies – convicted in 2001 – flys as a marked injustice in the case of Salanueva and Adriana Pérez, wife of Gerardo Hernández convicted agent, have been unable to visit their respective partners because of reprisals from Washington.

The wife of the head of the network, Perez  was also able to visit Hernandez in the Victorville, California prison, after 12 years of refusals to requests for visa, as it revealed on that occasion. Hernández, official of the Cuban Intelligence Directorate and head of the WaSP network, is serving two life sentences plus 15 years.

U.S. officials  argue Salanueva was deported and the name of Pérez appeared in the evidence of the trial as an agent who was preparing to accompany her husband on the Mission of intelligence in South Florida under the alias of “Bonsai”.  With such a history, they are ineligible to receive visas, according to U.S. law.

The Cuban press, international solidarity groups, and celebrities such as American actor Danny Glover promote the fact that both of these women are the only close relatives of the five imprisoned agents who have not received visas to to visit their husbands in prison.

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