The ObamaCare Mandate Tax Penalty and The Left’s New 1% Boogeyman – UPDATED


For the last couple years (more so the last year) Obama, the democrats, the TV talking-heads, and the OWS squatters in the streets have been harping on how “the rich 1%” is not paying their share of the taxes in this country.

Flash forward to the SCOTUS ruling last week, and those same people who now have to find squirming ways to deflect Justice Roberts ruling that ObamaCare was not a “mandate” but actually a tax. The word “penalty” is being substituted for tax on their side of the ongoing argument now that the word mandate can no longer be used. (Recall during oral arguments before the SCOTUS in March Obama’s lawyer Donald B. Verrilli ridiculously interchanged and teetered back and forth between the terms “mandate” and “tax” when he felt it suited his argument.)

Listen carefully to the two interviews, and listen for “the 1%” (also for “free riders”).

First, Obama’s lawyer Jack Lew jumps through hoops on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace to avoid the “tax” specification, while stomping the “1%” with a “penalty”…

While Nancy Pelosi contorts and slithers her way through an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” with David Gregory to avoid the “tax” specification, while stomping the “1%” with a “penalty”…

You see, “penalty” in healthcare is now a good thing, right? So, now that the left has managed to tag anyone/thing “the 1%” with a target of evil and unfair they believe they can now use the same figure (1%) as hurting the rest of us by not buying something, and should be hit with a penalty … When the fact is, even if the 1% does buy their own healthcare it IS the 75% of us that will be paying for this damn thing, no matter what they call it! It is nothing but tax(es)!

Here is what is not getting asked … So, if you cannot get people to buy healthcare insurance, and you say this is a penalty for not doing so, that the IRS will oversee/enforce, what is the penalty for not paying the mandate … um-m-m, tax, er, penalty then?

I guess the democrats should know all about the 1% freeloaders that fail to pay their share of the tax burden in this country, not to mention Pelosi and the rest of Congress and Obama have the best healthcare coverage for life after screwing over us, and ours.

UPDATE below the fold – DWS: “Because it’s a penalty”

1 thought on “The Obama<strike>Care</strike> <strike>Mandate</strike> <strike>Tax</strike> Penalty and The Left’s New 1% Boogeyman – UPDATED”

  1. Rush explained it all for us.

    When Obamacare was introduced it was going to be affordable and health care. Every thinking person knows it will be neither.

    It was to be the best thing since chopped liver; violins and harps rose to give backup music to Obama’s declarations that nowhere else in the developed world is there such a terrible health care situation as in the U.S. Imagine some people can’t buy health insurance because they can’t afford it. He was going to right that and every American was going to benefit from his gracious majesty’s excellence. Fanfare. We are so lucky to have a caring president like this.

    Oops. It’s a tax? Uh oh. But not to worry. It’s okay to tax the 1%. So now it is a tax on those greedy terrible one percenters. Er it is not a tax? It is a penalty but it is only going to affect those terrible one percenters and they are awful and who cares if they must pay more? Not you or I, right? But never mention the 500 billion in new taxes on ordinary Americans or the 500 billion being cut from Medicare and that is only a drop in the bucket compared to what it will really cost.

    So lie. No one will care. Shift gears, change the subject and just lie.

    If Americans cannot see through all of this, we are already doomed. 2012 is our last chance to save this country from these liars.

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