Ronald Reagan’s July 4, 1986 Speech

In lieu of our current POTUS giving a July 4 address to the nation, I give you a POTUS we all greatly admire. I say “all” because even the idiot “progressives” try to coopt him and jump on his bandwagon to unsuccessfully prove this or that.


(I stand corrected, Drill. I deleted the “not in the USA” comment.)

3 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan’s July 4, 1986 Speech”

  1. Eh, he’s having a “staycation” 4th of July at the White House, George.

    Actually welcomed some new US citizens the right way … for once:

    Obama welcomes new service-member US citizens in July 4 ceremony

    He’s also canceled his Martha’s Vineyard vaycay out of the goodness of his heart (but in all reality the house they used to stay at got sold).

    Unlike those nasty, rich, out-of-touch Romneys …

    • I stand corrected, Drill. I deleted the “not in the USA” comment. Who knows why the Paris story was floated. Maybe they changed their plans to avoid the controversy…

  2. “Delayed” vacation is probably more like it.

    Or Mooch and the girls (et ‘all’ of the staff, and assorted friends/relatives) will more likely than not jet-off somewhere without him…

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