Castros demand respect from Spain– “or we’ll rob you blind!”

While visiting Madrid this week long-time Castro-butt-boy Ricardo Alarcon tells the Spanish Gov. they’d better not deviate from their normally reverential tone in dealings with Cuba (that enjoyed DOUBLE Spain’s per-capita income during the UNSPEAKABLE(!!!) 1950’s, btw. Nowadays Spain’s is EIGHT TIMES Cuba’s.)

After all, Spain has many business interests in the Castro fiefdom nowadays. And on any fine morning a Castro could wake up and simply decide to steal all these Spanish businesses to the last peseta….

“And we would sure hate to see that happen, comprende, Mr Rajoy?”

Entire blackmail threat in Spanish here.

(HT Zoe Valdes)

3 thoughts on “Castros demand respect from Spain– “or we’ll rob you blind!””

  1. Castro had never shown any respect for any Latrine American president, or for Spain for that matter. Which after all, is just a step above Latrine America. Don’t forget, Spain created that giant cesspool to our south.

    They’re too much in awe of his badmouthing of the USA to worry about his dissing them personally. They expect it, como putas it doesn’t matter if el chulo smacks them around a bit, they still love him.

  2. Humberto,

    Be my quest! You can take my sound-bite. I mean, that’s the best way to describe them, putas getting smacked around and coming back for more. I don’t know if you remember, years ago there was a Cuban dissident in Spain and castro’s thugs kidnapped him in plain sight, I think that they even roughed up a couple of Spanish bystanders and Spanish cops, and the Spanish gov’t did nothing. So, foreign government thugs violate Spanish laws, hurt Spanish citizens and a dissident who has been given political asylum in Spain, and the Spanish government does nothing. Any other government with more dignity would have broken off relations and even stormed in the Cuban embassy to demand the dissident back, but not the Spanish governments. Awestruck by their MACHO [castro] and his arrangue de virilidad, they whimpered away.

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