Cuban military running Venezuelan armed forces

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Cuban general in Venezuela exposed Leonardo Andollo

Venezuelan general Antonio Rivero presented photographs, recordings, and videos to the District Attorney, which show Cuban general Leonardo Andollo Valdes supervising military operations in Venezuela.

This Wednesday in Caracas, retired general Antonio Rivero claimed that military Division General Leonardo Ramon Andollo Valdes, the second chief of Cuba’s Military Command, has intervened as a supervisor of meetings called by the Venezuelan military high command in clear interference and violation of Venezuela’s sovereignty.

In an interview with, General Rivero stated, “there can be agreements and military exchanges with the armed forces of another country, but in no case can there be activities that have to do with the security and defense of a country incumbent upon them.”

He highlighted that, “in those meetings, security and defense of fortifications are discussed, matters that strictly correspond to the armed forces of this country.”

Rivero said that on Wednesday, he presented to the District Attorney’s office evidence regarding the “active presence” of high-ranking Cuban military officials, which included photos, recordings, and videos that show General Andollo Valdes and other supposed Cuban military officials supervising Venezuelan military operations.

He stated that “there are more than eighty photographs that I turned over to the Public Ministry along with recordings where you can hear Venezuelan generals taking part in a meeting of the Cuban Strategic Group, which is known as GRUCE.”

Rivero said that he turned over to the Attorney General’s office graphic and visual material so an investigation can take place into the subject matter discussed in those meetings and what information is being given to the Cuban military.

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