Cuba’s happy natives glad to be stuck in the 1950s

Cubans live in abject misery and poverty, deprived not only of the most basic necessities but of freedom as well under the tyrannical dictatorship of the Castro regime. But in spite of the repression and despair that is part of everyday life for Cubans, American tourists who take tours of the island as VIP guests of the Cuban dictatorship can take solace in the fact that at least the natives are happy.


Cubans happy people, stuck in the 1950s

99.8% literacy rate; $20 average monthly wage

The Farm Bureau members had a chance to get a good look at Havana, once a major destination for U.S. tourists.

“It looks like nothing’s happened there in 50 years,” Williamsfield-area farmer Grant Strom said. “You can envision what it looked like in the ’50s. The infrastructure is very old. Some of the areas trying to cater to tourists have been fixed up a little bit.”


“I got off the bus, hadn’t been there for more than five minutes and I had a woman begging me for money,” he said. Serven said other members of the group were openly approached by prostitutes.

“I wasn’t expecting that at all,” he said.

On the other hand, Serven said of the Cubans, “they’re very nice people. They want to learn.”

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