Projection, revisited

For the record, I think it’s both projection and hypocrisy.

Liberals really are a single-minded lot: In their view, the only possible explanation for a person hoping that Barack Obama loses his next election is racism. All things political are analyzed through a filter of skin color, putting today’s left directly at odds with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream that his children “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Conservatives might argue that leftists are hypocritical on this score, that they are judging Obama by his skin color and judging his critics by what they perceive to be the content of our characters — based on nothing but our opposition to a far-left president who happens to be black.

But what they are demonstrating is not hypocrisy, it is projection. Liberals assume that since race is so important to them, it must be equally important to the rest of us, that it must, if you’ll pardon the pun, color our every political thought. This is of course particularly true of the liberal elite who suffer deeply from what Hayek termed the “fatal conceit,” a symptom of which is believing that all intelligent people must think as “Progressives” do — and that all people not intelligent enough to think as they do are suited to be ruled by them.

The moral yardstick for the American left is now “the color of your character.”

To liberals, when it comes to non-leftist critics of Barack Obama, the fact that many of us are not black means little less than that we wish the South had won the Civil War.

But when the subject is Barack Obama, the fact that his skin is black (despite his mother having been white) trumps all; nothing that our president does or says reflects any conceivable flaw in character, intellect, wisdom, or even policy. […]

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