Reagan then, Sarah now

Lloyd Marcus in American Thinker: “Reagan Is Gone – Is Sarah Palin America’s Next ‘Great Cheerleader’?”

[…] So where are the prominent voices who are standing up and celebrating the goodness and greatness of America? Reagan always touted the goodness of America and how God is with us. Michael Reagan said his dad was America’s last great cheerleader. Sadly, I must agree. Although there is one strong contender for the next great cheerleader.

Sarah Palin has stood up touting the greatness of America, and look what the Obama administration and the mainstream media have attempted to do to her. Disgracefully, millions of ill-informed Americans view Palin as a nutcase far-right extremist.

Think about that, folks. Because Palin boldly stands up for traditional family values, God, and country, the left has tried to crucify not only Palin herself, but also her entire family. Showing more “kahonies” [sic] than many Republican males, Palin continues to be a relentless cheerleader for Ronald Reagan’s and my dad’s America. But Sarah Palin is only one courageous woman. To conquer the shock-and-awe assault on our country by Obama and his media minions, we need an army of cheerleaders.

To pass patriotism on to our children and our children’s children, we need many more American cheerleaders — teaching character, hard work, education, and the goodness and greatness of this extraordinary, unique, successful experiment called America. […]