Finally, someone sorts out the Hiss-panic Lateeenoh mess!

From the geniuses at People’s Cube, a follow-up to Humberto’s latest post.   For the whole beautiful  thing, go here.

Mitt Romney is rumored to disobey the mainstream media’s Hispanic Skin Color Advisory System while vetting vice-presidential candidates. According to experts, the likely Republican VP candidate, Marco Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, is too light-skinned to be considered fully Hispanic, falling under a subprime minority group classification as White Hispanic, or WHISP.


2 thoughts on “Finally, someone sorts out the Hiss-panic Lateeenoh mess!”

    • Brilliant! They forgot one category, though: the Cuban black who isn’t black because he’s anti-communist.

      (The People’s Cube has a trasure trove of stuff you can use to ridicule the easy-to-ridicule left.)

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