Payá death doesn’t pass the smell test.

When I heard the news that Oswaldo Payá had been killed in a car wreck I immediately thought of this video. Ladies in White founder Laura Pollan was giving an interview to an Italian film crew in a car when suddenly the car she was in was struck.

Payá’s death smells fishy to me. Consider the fact that Payá was in eastern Cuba, far from his Havana home, and that movement in Cuba’s police monitored for all Cubans and that certainly castroite officials in the area new a well-known dissident was in their province. Also consider the fact that there simply aren’t that many vehicles in Cuba, especially outside of Havana. That’s not to say there aren’t accidents there, most of the vehicles and roads are in disrepair, but the castro dictatorship doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt in these cases. “Cuba experts” often accuse the US of being stuck in a cold-war mentality vis-a-vis Cuba but the truth is it’s the other way around. Staging accidents to kill political opponents is not beyond the pale for this gang of Stasi-trained thugs.

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  1. And Camilo Cienfuegos (a diehard and murderous Commie, unlike some exile folklore claims–but a diehard and murderous commie possibly more charismatic than Fidel) died in an unfortunate plane accident….


  2. Excellent reminder Henry, and from a story in the Nuevo Herald I remembered that this isn’t the first attempt to assasinate by auto “accident.” I don’t believe for a second that this was an accident. I read that the hospital in Bayamo is cordened off by police, what are they hiding, or I should say preventing the survivors from talking about?

  3. This was a standard tactic for the USSR at one time – a staged accident, and if that didn’t kill the target outright, they’d finish the job by more discrete means in the hospital. There have been some good arguments made that this what was happened to Patton, a diehard anti-Stalinist who would have been tremendously influential after WWII had he lived.

  4. Humberto you’re correct,

    My father had a coworker friend in Cuba in the sixties that was a close friend of both Camilo and Osmani Cienfuegos and he confirmed to my Dad that both were diehard commies.

  5. The Castro brothers know they have an accomplice and ally at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and will take advantage of this situation to eliminate one by one any opposition leader they consider is the most threat to their tyrannical regime. The death of Laura Pollan and Paya are proof of this plan.

    I suspect that Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is in grave danger. I suspect that he has not been eliminated yet to avoid international repercussions but when the time is right the Castro brothers will move in for the kill.

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