1 thought on “Where do you stand?”

  1. Mercy. Here are my results:

    I side with Mitt Romney on most issues in the 2012 Presidential Election.
    Candidates you side with…80%

    Ron Paul, on economic, foreign policy, domestic policy, immigration, social, and science issues. more info…78%

    Gary Johnson, on economic, domestic policy, immigration, and science issues. more info…65%

    Virgil Goode., on economic, domestic policy, and science issues. more info…61%

    Jimmy McMillan…21%

    Barack Obama…8%

    Stewart Alexander…0%

    Jill Stein…0%

    New Jersey Voters…17% – Huh?

    American Voters…43%

    So who are Stewart Alexander and Jill Stein? And what on earth do they believe that I got a zero with them?
    And what, oh what is that 8% I agree with Obama on? If it exists, it is probably something he is lying about.
    And Ron Paul? But oh, that 22% area of disagreement.

    Goodness, what a surprise these results are.

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