Photos of Payá’s fatal car accident

Via Café Fuerte, below are photos of the accident vehicle involved in the fatal crash that took the life of Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Payá and dissident Harold Cepero. Instead of clearing up the mysterious circumstances surrounding the accident, the photographs seem to raise more questions as noted by Penúltimos Días and Punt de Vista.

To place this suspicious car crash into perspective, Martí Noticias has published photographs (below) taken this past June of another mysterious accident in which Oswaldo Payá was involved. That incident prompted Payá to write after the accident: “In any case, I believe it is probable that they tried to not only kill me, but my family as well.”

2 thoughts on “Photos of Payá’s fatal car accident”

  1. Warning: the photos of the blue Hyundai were taken and published by official Castro media when the fatal “accident” was supposedly being “reconstructed.” There is currently no way to know for sure how accurate the photos may be. The car may have been “modified” after the fact, assuming it’s even the car in which Payá was riding. We already know that, at first, a Castro website published a crash photo that was quickly shown to be from a totally different, previous crash in a different part of Cuba (the website, once the fraud was exposed, added a line saying that the photo it had run was unrelated to Payá’s crash, but that line was not there initially).

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