Senior Cuban spy goes after Rep. David Rivera

Via Cuba Confidential:

Senior Spy-Diplomat Condemns Florida Congressman David Rivera

The Cuban News Agency (ACN) reports that expelled spy Josefina Vidal, who continues her years-long posting as director of the North America Division in the Foreign Ministry (MINREX), has condemned Congressman David Rivera for promoting actions detrimental to Cuba’s foreign interests..

In statements to ACN,  Vidal attacked the Florida Republican for pushing a modification of the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act which could deprive Cuban immigrants from their benefit over other emigrants if they travel to the island before getting their US citizenship.  According to Vidal, the initiative intends to coercively turn Cuban immigrants into hostages. Rivera’s project has not yet been submitted to the vote of Congress.

ACN reports that another proposal by Rivera is an amendment to the draft bill of the National Defence Authorisation Act for fiscal 2013 which intends to impose new penalties on entities from third countries with links to Cuba.  Vidal claims the “real purpose” of Rivera’s proposal could be to have an ally in the US Senate to have it passed into law.

Despite its actions to the contrary, Vidal also maintained that Havana continues to favor dialog, but warned that Cuba would not stop rejecting and denouncing US policy.

Editor’s Note:  Vidal departed Washington in May 2003 after her husband and 13 other Cuban spies serving under diplomatic cover in the US were declared Persona Non Grata.

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