All A Twitter: Ice-T vs Rush Limbaugh … Provocative Context

I wake this morning to find Huffington Post and Twitter beside themselves over Rush Limbaugh’s comments on rapper/actor Ice-T. Once again, the liberals/left take the cheap and easy way out. Make everything is always about racist dog-whistles, especially in the MSM. Really???

While the democrats/left are sweating to defend Obama’s “You didn’t build that” statement as ‘taken out of context’, I wake this morning to find the libs/left/Hollywood elitists defending and admiring Ice-T while spitting piss and vinegar at Rush Limbaugh for the other day’s comment: “He knew the word ‘tyranny,'” Limbaugh said. “And he knows that tyranny comes from government representatives. Double impressive….” in response to Ice-T’s anti-gun control remarks in an interview, post Aurora Colorado shooting.

Talk about ‘out of context’. I listen to Limbaugh on a daily basis, and don’t always agree with everything he opines about. I completely got his ‘context’ on the Ice-T remarks. Limbaugh meant, unlike a lot of people especially in limo-elite reactionary world, Ice-T clearly recognizes what tyranny is and where it comes from. If these Limbaugh critics listened to Limbaugh on a more regular basis instead of just selective sound-bites they would understand that.

You see, that’s the thing about Obama’s statement. Those of us who know exactly what his statement meant HAVE been listening to Obama on a regular basis for well over 4 years and know the full context of it. If you read Obama’s entire Roanoke speech it actually gets worse than the singled-out statement, and reinforces our interpretation of it, and his agenda, in full context. We know exactly what he means every time he opens his mouth, even if he’s reading it off a carefully prepared teleprompter. If you talk long enough from a public microphone, and believe me Obama has done nothing but talk for over four years (except when golfing), your own true thoughts and feelings will inevitably slip out. The same can be said for Limbaugh. I have listened for years to the radio talk show host and in all his alleged “racist quotes” I know the full context of them. By the way, some of the alleged Limbaugh racist remarks were Limbaugh simply repeating something on air that somene else had said in public or written in a newspaper column, and always liberals. Limbaugh, while holding hard-hitting commentary on politics and daily news, is an entertainer, and to a certain degree a provocateur instigating the opposition to react in the exact manner he predicts they will. Actually, I find this whole blow-up this morning quite hilarious, considering the nature of a lot of Ice-T’s rap music world’s racially (and sexist) motivated lyrics. Provocative indeed.

Rush’s statement was not “racist”, as it is being trumpeted now by Ice-T, Hollywood, and the media … unless liberals/left/Hollywood are now a racial group.

I perceive Ice-T as a very intelligent guy in the midst of an industry filled with pampered, self-centered, out of touch, utopian-minded, bubble-heads. I have heard him talk off-script in interviews. I don’t agree with his politics, but can tell he is grounded in more reality than most in his industry. And that is pretty much why Rush Limbaugh also felt the need to point that out.

I will make an educated guess/observation here … I’m thinking Ice-T is less concerned Rush Limbaugh’s statement was ‘racist’ than he is concerned that the nation’s biggest-mouth conservative singled him out and gave him a public high-five on air as right-minded … sorry, as getting it while living inside the liberal/left Hollywood utopia bubble. If you are a big player in the entertainment industry having Limbaugh, or any major conservative, endorse you could have a negative effect on your image, especially among your peers.

Ice-T is not the only entertainment industry wonk to get it

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  1. Dya’ think that maybe he has bodyguards that conceal carry and he likes that protection?
    I just loved that in Colorado gun sales are going through the roof now.

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