The Associated Press: Mouthpiece for Murderers

While our esteemed colleague Henry does an excellent fisking of today’s Associated Press piece “Raul Castro:Willing to sit down with the US.“, I feel compelled to add my two cents.

I disagree with Henry with regards to the AP making a Faustian bargain with the castro regime. It’s way beyond anything Faustian. This latest report is nothing short of collusion.

Barely four days ago the regime murdered Oswaldo Paya. Neither the cause of his death – a “car accident” – nor the day and date of same are coincidences. What better day to murder your enemy, the last remaining thorn in your side than a Sunday – a slow news day in general – and, specifically, the Sunday before your biggest national holiday?

What better way to control the narrative is there? Especially when you have a fawning international press whom you have content control over.

I found today’s AP piece on raul castro on the front page of Yahoo news. I don’t recall there being a front page AP headline on Paya’s death and I wont bother to waste my time confirming it, either. I’m certain it would be a fruitless effort.

So now all we’ll hear about and from Cuba is raul’s empty, rehashed and regurgitated rhetoric on his “willingness to sit down with the US.” The murder of a peaceful, moderate dissident and champion for human rights falls by the wayside.

The method and date of Oswaldo Paya’s death were carefully crafted and all you’ll need as proof of the AP, and their fellow media cohorts collusion in this murder will be their absolute silence on same as of today.

2 thoughts on “The Associated Press: Mouthpiece for Murderers”

  1. Val, you’re absolutely correct. It’s more than just a Faustian bargain, it’s outright collusion. First, the mainstream media has accepted the cause of death as an accident. This is a human-rights violating Stalin dictatorship. At best, some papers have meekly broached the possibility that it might have been murder, but all in hushed tones and in a roundabout manner. Then, there has been a lack of editorials and/or commentaries in the major national newspapers. If a leading anti-apartheid dissident had died accidentally in South Africa, you bet your bottom dollar that the accusatory editorials would have been flying through the windows blaming the regime. Finally, the smoke screens begin. When the Ladies in White were being beaten to a pulp and Farinas was in prison/and or that dissident died of a beating [can’t remember which now] the media came up with that insulting story about the guy with the six fingers! Like you say, now they bring up raul’s empty, rehashed and regurgitated rhetoric on his “willingness to sit down with the US,” as if this was news! How many times is that going to be news? Talk about having someone or something rapped around your pinky. The castro brothers bat and eye and the MSM jumps!

  2. Look, we’re “those people,” aka “apestados.” That’s not going to change anytime soon, if ever, certainly not if the usual suspects can help it. This has nothing to do with truth, justice, human rights or human decency. Those things are beside the point. The point is they can’t stand us, not least because we’re on to them and not only refuse to follow their script but hold it in contempt, and as long as they can screw us over and get away with it, they’ll keep doing it. Think scorpions. They are what they are. Whatever you do, do NOT expect any different.

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