“Somoza Come Back!…Any kinda fool could see…we were wrong, and….!


“So were do we stand after 50,000 Nicaraguans died (on both sides) of our various civil wars?”
Asks a Nicaraguan who remembers life under Somoza. “We’re much poorer and oppressed!”

Entire thing in Spanish here.

Amigos, when some of us despair that in the late 50’s Cubans may have been THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE ON EARTH(!!!)(politially speaking)…well it’s articles like this that give us a bounce! Many Nicaraguans, Iranians and Chinese put their countrymen right up there with us!…or claim the title for themselves!



Great song by the way. (and for years I thought it was from Hall & Oates?!)


(Pero hasta donde llegaran las barbaridades de este Fontova con su nostalgia por dictadores??!!)

1 thought on ““Somoza Come Back!…Any kinda fool could see…we were wrong, and….!”

  1. If it had been only stupidity it wouldn’t be so bad, at least not in terms of guilt, because the stupid can’t really help being that way. But there was worse, much worse: envy, spite, opportunism, greed, perverse ambition—perversity, period. The initial and critical generation of “revolutionaries” were neither born nor raised under Castro, and they did not “turn bad” all of a sudden just because the political situation changed. They were already that way beforehand; the Castro regime simply gave them free rein to indulge and display their true nature, which until then had been closeted or latent.

    Nobody could have imagined before 1959 that there were so many rotten apples, except perhaps those who were rotten themselves. But there they were, like snakes in the grass, waiting…and their chance came, and they sure as hell took it. Eventually, of course, most of them wound up screwed like everybody else, but at first they had a ball, gleefully feasting and gorging themselves—both emotionally and materially—on the misery and suffering of others.

    Yes, there was stupidity, of a particularly shallow and infantile kind unworthy of respectable adults, but that was only one ingredient in the poisonous brew with which a whole society and culture committed mass murder-suicide. We should always be very conscious of that monumental shame and disgrace, for there is no way to erase it, only to rise above it and never, ever repeat it. Whether Cubans are up to that task remains to be seen, but even if they are, I seriously doubt it will happen in our lifetimes.

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