Payá’s widow wants direct access to eyewitnesses (one of whom claims to have slept through the “accident”)

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From Fox News Lateeeeenoh:

Cuban dissident’s widow rejects gov’t version of husband’s death

The widow of prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya said she does not accept the official government statement on the cause of the car crash that killed her husband and is demanding to meet with the two survivors of the accident.

“I’m not going to accept the version the government’s giving. In no way do I accept it,” Ofelia Acevedo told Efe Friday after Cuban state television made public an Interior Ministry note on the accident.

Paya, the 60-year-old leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, and 31-year-old Harold Cepero, also a member of that dissident organization, died in the accident last Sunday near Bayamo, a city 800 kilometers (500 miles) east of Havana.

The driver of the vehicle, Spain’s Angel Carromero, an activist with the youth wing of his country’s governing conservative Popular Party, and Sweden’s Jens Aron Modig, chairman of the Christian Democrat Youth League, were slightly injured.

The Cuban government said in its note – released Friday – that speeding on a highway where roadwork was being done caused the deadly accident.

Until I’m able to speak with Angel and Aron, the last two people who saw my husband alive, have access to the expert reports and have the advice of people independent of the Cuban government, I can’t have an idea of what really happened that day. I have to meet with those boys.”

Both young men are in custody in Cuba. The Spaniard is being held at a police station in Bayamo and the Swede by immigration authorities in Havana……

Carromero, who is being held in Bayamo, said, according to the official note, that he did not remember seeing the sign about the roadwork and could not say how fast he was going.

Modig, meanwhile, said he was asleep when the accident happened.

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The tree that Cuban authorities hold responsible for Payá's death
The scene of the “accident”

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  1. The Swede was asleep. Oh, that’ll work. Sure. So why is he still being detained? What could possibly be the reason? But there’s nothing fishy here. Let’s just talk about Castro II’s version of “hope and change,” shall we?

  2. Those “expert reports” better not come from government “experts,” or she might as well just accept what Granma says and be done with it.

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